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Bureau of The: the XCOM Declassified Windows XP/7/8 torrent download

Bureau of The: the XCOM Declassified

Bureau of The: the XCOM Declassified


picGod Release: March 22, 2013

Genre: 3D, 3 people

Developer 2K Marin

Publisher: 2K Games

Publication Type: Dipak Lossless

Games Version: Prophet 23/08/2016

Language: English | england | multi8

Language: English | england | multi8

Tablet is not necessary,


Operating System – Windows Vista (SP2) for Windows 7 direct contact with 11 (Service Pack 1) and Windows – (64-bit);

Processor – Intel Pentium Dual Core 2 Duo / Intel ® Pentium ® X2;

Memory – 4GB RAM;

Video – The portal DirectX9 ATI Radeon HD 3870 / NVIDIA (8) 800 GT;

Sound Card – DirectX 9 compatible sound card;

Hard drive – 14 GB of free hard space;


President 1962 – John F. Kennedy. Because of the cold war, for those afraid of prison, but with a new enemy that threatens – communism endanger the Commonwealth and dangerous. This is the organization called hendrerit Arcane “is investigating the number of voters who came from another world, but the enemy does not know the hidden by the hidden. Special decide for yourself by Cicero, by the agent, an exciting time for the commander of the squadron to design and then attract the shooter felis in the third person. surprise to the enemy, and the secret of the battle, and the fate of all people are treated. it is a gift hendrerit sit amet – to adapt to rest, to reflect the specificities of the enemy and civilians from the truth.

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