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Our web design services include, but are not limited to
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We design splendid web designs, amazing graphics, appealing banner designs, and alluring brand identities but the list doesn’t end here.

A crucial part of engaging audiences with your website is to ensure that it is visually arresting and stunning. The visual appearance of any website is the first element of your web presence that gets noticed by your website visitors, a large percentage of web visitors turns down the websites that do not possess a colourful, attractive and appealing look while presenting the web content in a simple manner.

We have a team of web designers who possess extensive experience in designing theweb graphics, banners, landing pages and other elements of a website. Our turn key website designing services are what you need to revamp your online image and makeyour website future ready. We bring your design ideas into a beautiful reality by amalgamating creativity with technology. We are experts in providing bespoke designs ideally matching the client requisites.

For web design to be effective, it has to

Making your brand popular with remarkable online presence becomes much easier when you present your website contents in an eye-catching and startling manner.

Web Design portfolio

Perfume Producer

Establishing it as a premiere brand is something which was on the clients mind. Adding a premiere feel was essential with a complete line up of products. Easy and clear line up of products, which could be easily accessed by visitor. The entire design should create a lifestyle kind of an appeal which makes the brand look classy and edgy.


A website all about fun, kids and Vibrant jolly appeal. The website is all about kids events , so we had to add things which kids love-bright colors, cartoons, balloons and everything that kids love. The main idea was to catch the eye of the visitors which gives the confidence to visitor that if website is so colorful how colorful would be the event that I get organized.


It’s a restaurant website that we made where the sole motive was to promote the Indian food restaurant in the buzzling city of Rochester, NY. The design was designed with the aim to establish it as a perfect place for fine Indian Dining . Amazing and delectable images were suggested to add to the credibility of the site. We further added a very stable and expandable CMS which was integerated so that client had full ease in handling website at his own side. We further integerated a system through which online table booking could be carried out beforehand.

The London Link

Promotion and presence was something that the client wanted and we just gave him that. A swanky chick design where he would never go unnoticed.

Glamour Smile

A website which basically is a shop window for the client for his products. A place where people get detailed description of the product and how would it be best for the customers. The product had to be best presented, great product establishment and also a great interface to purchase the product and also a great CRM integeration so that client data can be maintained and best utilized in future course of time.

Teen Mission Int

The client wanted to profess and spread the word of the work that the client is involved into. This involved showcasing the humanitarian work, social work and the activities that interest teens. This concerned incorporation of a robust CMS system which could stand put huge cache of data in terms of articles, newsletters and Blogs. Further, development was done keeping in mind that client was given full freedom to alter content on site and give it a fresh appeal by changing pictures which attract young minds towards itself and has lasting retentively in young minds.


A website which is a representation of the company’s vast experience and establishes it as big players in the finnaical and insurance planning sector. It’s a showcase of what they do and how they would be helpful to people who want the venture into this sector. Best we incorporated CMS system so that the client can handle the content and images at their end to keep it live and updated all the time.


A website all about food and the recipes that visitors can download and thus make awesome dishes. Here the client offers these recipes to be downloaded. We had the challenge to make a very easily navigable website which could be used by housewives and chefs too apart from technically savvy people. The design was to be kept simple, yet with a view that exotic dishes can be viewed here. Here of course the culinary aspect was prime aspect which was kept in mind. The best part was to make such a fluidic system where we had to make the recipes absolutely and perfectly downloaded by mobiles.


A strong brand positioning was what the client wanted for his existing well established stock trading and brokerage firm. For this we gave a professional cracking design which presented both the seriousness as well as the stock trading outlook in the design. Not just this, the design instilled the knowledge imparting attitude in its design. Here we integrated a flexible yet robust CMS module where content could be added , deleted and edited as per need by the client. Not just this the website has ecommerce module where his visitors can read and purchase his online trading courses to enhance their knowledge. Also, as per need infusionsoft CRM was integerated and its customization was also carried out as per the business and marketing needs and trends.

Twisted Candi

A website where the client wanted ,absolute customization to the core. A site where the visitors could purchase ladies lingerie , bikinis and more so lady’s stuff. We gave the client a great showcase of the products through a vast and easy navigable CMS system and a very easily accessible shopping cart interface through which purchase could be done. Adding further we gave a customization module where visitors could design and make their own bikini where they could choose their own color, style and fabric .All in all quenching their desire of designing their own piece.

Michael Parness Founder and CEO, World Series of Trading

Hi - I am Michael and  I am into the online stock trading gaming platform where you can play through our website. This meant I needed a very interactive and top notch website where loading and downloading could happen amazingly fast without any hiccups. This meant my software had to be very robust and programming had to be with no kind of bugs at all. Techmind systems did just that for me. They gave me a great website which works awesomely well in real time. They are with me all the time and in case of any issues are ready to fix any bugson priority. Great to have Techmind systems on board with me as my technical team.